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 September 11, 2001 brought the worst attack in history against America. While everyone was reacting with incomprehensible terror from the WTC devastation the firefighters, police and Emergency Services raced to the scene to give the help for which they were trained. We all witnessed on television that day, as people were running from the WTC,  the firefighters were running full speed into the WTC to provide the life saving expertise and dedication to safety and welfare of the public. The tragic loss of life of all who perished in the WTC was a strike at the democratic ideals that we all cherish and live. It also however, demonstrated the basic resolve of the American people and the indestructible values and principles by which we all move forward. In particular, the unparalleled bravery and selfless dedication of the members of the Fire Department, has proven to be a source of strength to all Americans in our resolve to move forward and protect our very way of life.

 The outpouring of support from all Americans for the 9/11 victims and their families and the special emphasis for firefighters has evolved in many forms. It was this dedication to the American principles symbolized by the heroes of the fire department that created the Firefighter Racing Team, by Lt. Mike Bolnik, Ret., FDNY and Jim Rosenblum from Jim Rosenblum Racing and Bob Rahilly from RAHMOC Racing Engines. They established  the official NASCAR racing team to honor the fallen heroes and their families and raise funds for the Widow's and Children's Fund . Our Racing Team is symbolic of the broad support already expressed by this great country. Its members hail from New York, Florida, North Carolina, Connecticut, Washington, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. During the week they are, firemen, salesmen, utility workers, building contractors, business professionals and avionics manufacturers. On the weekends, they joined our racing team in America's number one sporting event of NASCAR Racing, to raise funds for Greatest America's Heroes.

 If you are interested in getting involved with a sponsorship that offers you and/or your company the unique exclusive opportunity to benefit as a partner with NASCAR (America's number one sport) and the JRR Team in support of our country's bravest, then contact us at:  Jim Rosenblum Racing


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